Where it is still winter


We have not blogged in a while because we have been away from home.  Visiting family and friends in the UK.  Hilary, who hates driving, was very brave and hired a car.  It was a friendly car – the Peugot 207 is an easy car to drive.

As you can see from the picture, it was not really ideal driving weather.  Though it is very pretty in its own way.  The weather was cold (though the worst of the rain was in Izmir on the way home).

It was lovely to meet up with family and friends but we are glad to be home, despite having been very stupid and leaving our hand luggage with Hilary’s parents in the UK.


4 responses to “Where it is still winter

  1. Welcome back. I don’t envy you having to drive in snow in the UK.

    • Fortunately I didn’t have to drive through much settled snow – just a couple of flurries (and a little bit sitting on the side roads).

      Very glad to be home, though. We did see snow on mountains on the way to Tire this morning.

  2. forgetting things is normal as you grow into ‘Bofferhood’, plus the cold doesn’t help synapses that are left to spark!

    • True. We forget to turn off the radiator sometimes. I don’t think the cold virus we picked up in the UK helped much either. Hilary left two pairs of brand new trousers in a hotel room in Italy (and got them back). Fortunately the hand baggage was left at the parents’ house and is in the process of being retrieved.

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