Leylek Var

Today, 4th March.  Selçuk.  There were two, probably not a pair since they seemed to be having a disputing and claiming nesting sites.  Not the greatest shot, taken on a phone.



8 responses to “Leylek Var

  1. . . the males arrive first, usually several weeks ahead of the females. These past few years they have been arriving earlier and earlier – our first was in the fields a week ago now.

    • We’re not positive that they all left last autumn. We saw some very leylek-like birds flying several times over the winter. This morning was not the first time we’ve seen definite storks this year though. They seem to hang around in the wetlands for a while before they head for the nests. Or maybe the ones we see in the wetlands are on their way to somewhere else. This morning, however, was the first time this year we have seen them sitting in nests.

  2. İ like driving through Akyenikoy toward to the Soke Road – They nest all along it at the top of telegraph poles and it all looks rather ‘Flintstone’ as they sit in those huge nests peering down..

    Agggh I really must get home soon!

    • Here they are all along the aqueduct, on one of the mosques, on telegraph poles and even (shock! horror!) in the trees. There were loads and loads of young last year (I seem to remember they ringed 35) so, this year, I suspect there will be some competition for nest sites.

  3. Despite going to the village at the weekend, I still haven’t seen a stork this year.

    • We saw two on the aqueduct just past the railway yesterday evening and, today, whilst I was in a friend’s garden, one flew right overhead. Perhaps they are all in Selçuk this year.

  4. Lovely shot and a beautiful sky……..Does look a little like a pterodactyl in flight.

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