I wonder where the concrete is

purple-plantWe had a wonderful three days traveling about in warm sunshine, a couple of days on the bike and then a trip to Izmir for shopping and seeing a friend.  We were going to do a blog post on spring flowers but it seems spring comes earlier in Muğla.  It is definitely spring.  On Monday we saw a stork over Pamucak, our first of the year.

Inevitably the warmth ended with black skies, bright flashes, rumbling thunder, torrential rain and power cuts.

The sun has now returned but it is colder.  This morning some men appeared and fixed a metal support to the base of our stairs.  Then the marble man came round to be paid.  We decided to do some preparations for summer, painting in the back house, and a bit of spring cleaning.  Today Ashley fixed the bracket holding the soba pipe to the wall of the terrace and did a few other bits around the place.  Meanwhile across the road, some people arrived and started measuring the empty lot (the house was demolished last year).  Then some workmen came with a load of wood beams and boards.  This was followed by one enormous concrete pump and two mixers.

There was a bitneighbours-watch-the-concre of drama around where to park the concrete pump, but eventually on the third attempt it was resolved.  Most of the neighbourhood came out to watch the proceedings.  The pump  could only be remote-controlsecured at the top of the street, so the pipe had to go right over a neighbour’s house and yard.   A man with a remote control skilfully lined everything up correctly.  Then the concrete started to flow.  When it is dry it will leave a level surface for building on.  It might take some time, the lot was not flat, the concrete-spreadingconcrete is ankle deep at one end and at least a meter deep at the other.  The wooden boards held back what must be a massive weight of wet concrete, we had visions of the stuff flowing down the street.

8 responses to “I wonder where the concrete is

  1. Your life is far from dull.hope you are ok see you soon.annette

  2. You’ve beaten me to the first stork. (But I haven’t been to the village for a week, so there might be one waiting for me there.)

    • The wetlands behind Pamucak beach are a really great place for watching birds, especially during the migration weeks. The resident Marsh Harriers also make fine viewing.

  3. Your roof terrace is perfect for viewing all the activity…I could spend hours just watching the comings and goings. Lovely that Spring is here.

    • It is one of the things we like. There are places nearby with better views of the castle, but that is a fixed view, never changes. Every week there is something new and interesting happening on the street.

  4. . . no need for piling to stop the whole lot from sliding down the hill then? Normal!

    • They are building a house, not a block, so no pilings so far. Simply leveling the slope. But yes, very little to stop everything sliding down the hill.

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