Daily Archives: February 24, 2013

How we acquired our third foot pump

We haven’t blogged much recently.   Since our outing to Pamucak, the weather has been  generally dismal and we have not been getting out and about or doing anything very interesting to other people.

Today, though, the weather was fine and we decided to take the motorbike out for a run.  Things didn’t start too well.  Or rather, the Harley didn’t want to start.  We’ve had that problem before and, as previously, all it took was a bit of patience.  Once it had started it was fine, this is a fuel injection issue, the bike is due a service so will be dealt with then.

underwater-oracleWe rode up to Claros where the oracle’s temple was nearly entirely under water.  Then we explored a bit up the valley above (towards Menderes) and stopped off to visit Kolophon.  There is not much to see there.  We have been told it is one of the most plundered site in Turkey.  Though we did meet some very pretty white goats.  The view from there makes the trip utterly worthwhile.

We then headed down the coast to Őzdere where there is a pleasant restaurant Kolophon-landscapewith a fantastic view of the bay.  We had an excellent light lunch then headed back to the bike…  To find we had a flat front tyre.

Hilary went to the restaurant to ask to borrow a pump.  She explained that we had a puncture.  They didn’t have a pump but directed us to a motorcycle repair shop who were open, but totally not interested.  He told us there was a Lastik tamirici (tyre repair man) and waved in a vague direction.  We walked right through Őzdere (which is really very much a place where people go to their summer houses in the summer and doesn’t have a Sanayi) and, at the far end, found what might once have been a lastik tamirici.  It looked abandoned.  We went in and made a bit of noise to no effect.

at-the-lasticiOn the way back to the bike we bought a foot pump from a builder’s merchant.  We had two at home, one inherited from the former owner, and one we bought over with the bike tools.  Back at the bike we managed to pump the tire up enough to get started.  We stopped three times on the way home to pump it back up again.  Then we went straight to the Sanayi and found a lastik tamirici who was open (and mending a tractor tyre).  We waited.  Then he mended our puncture, with a smile, for 20 lira, which he asked for in German.

anenome-like-a-Caen-anenomeSo, all in all a great day out, lovely ride, wonderful weather, wild flowers coming out etc. etc., but rather more excitement and a great deal more hanging around the sanayi than we anticipated…