Fresh peas (and recipe), flamingos and other early signs of spring

Flamingosfeb2013Today, after what seems like more than a week of rainy days and grey skies, the sun came out. We went for a walk along the beach and through the wetlands at Pamucak.  Amongst a mass of gulls, a pair of migrating flamingos, an adult and a juvenile.  They were later joined by another juvenile which appeared to be injured, hard to be sure, wild flamingos do not tolerate people getting close to them.  Both of us, however, thought that it had an injured leg.

There was also a marsh harrier, larks, masses of plovers, gulls in weaving flocks, almost like a shoal of fish, shining in the sun, migrating geese, wild flowers, and tortoises freshly out of hibernation.  It really was a lovely afternoon out.

On the market spring fruit and vegetables are starting to appear. The first fresh peas and broad beans.  Tomatoes from Antalya, no doubt grown under glass.  Sorrel, gathered wild.  This all makes a nice change from the winter vegetables.    The Turks are very fond of the first fresh fruits and vegetable of the seasons, so are we.

The recipe Hilary used for these peas comes out of our Turkish Cookery book – ‘Lezzet peasSofrası’.  Hilary does tend to adapt everything…  First she sautéed an onion, cut in half moon rings (what they call piyazlık) in plenty of very good olive oil, then she threw in a cubed carrot, a potato cut into smallish dice, then she put in the peas, sauteed a little bit more,  seasoned the lot with salt, pepper and a cube of sugar then poured on hot water about half way up, covered the pan and cooked on low-medium heat till everything was done.  Towards the end she threw in some dried mint and finely chopped fresh dill.

12 responses to “Fresh peas (and recipe), flamingos and other early signs of spring

  1. That seems to have been a very special day. And looked like spring in the air. Oh and that little tortoise. How’s been really nice here today.we are out in 7weeks what day is the Market we are going to.hope you are ok xx

    • It was lovely. We’d got very tired of being inside all day every day so the walk did us a lot of good. Glad you are having good weather. My family say it’s been snowing in London!
      Tire market is Tuesday.

  2. Ok that’s fine nearer the time I’ll ring you to say which of our weeks we will see you as we will hire a car for that day,looking forward to it..I made pea soup with lots of other greens in it I’m on a Heath kick at the min,and must say feel better for it.

  3. Looking forward to it. We are going to hire a car in the UK soon. Hilary is so scared of driving…

  4. Smells like Spring this morning. Not many winter days left.

  5. . . a Sand Crocus (not a crocus) in the sand – now that really is novel.

  6. It was indeed a lovely day yesterday, and I was glad of the chance to get washing done on a rare day without water cuts. However, storms again all night and still torrential rain. Looking forward to the real start of Spring.

    The peas recipe sounds delicious!

    • We got a good thunderstorm in the evening and heavy rain with high winds most of the night. Today is lovely again and looks set to stay. Spring weather, though, is never the most predictable.

  7. Aww amazing that you get to see flamingoes. We’ve never seen them in the wild. It must be some sight. Loved the look of your recipe when you posted it to the food community so am definitely going to give it a try. 🙂

    • We saw a whole flock of flamingos last year. Almost a year before to the day. They don’t stay here but stop of en route to feed. I think we have been lucky. We eat zeytinyağ dishes nearly every day… Tonight we have sweet and sour aubergines in the fridge and there’s some mixed vegetables (mainly kabak and pirası) on the stove…

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