Daily Archives: February 14, 2013

Up on the roof

marble-inthe-hutAbout ten days back, after our trip to the opticians, we were taken to meet a marble merchant on the Sanayi.  We wanted to have marble sills put on top of the walls that run round the roof terrace.  This would stop the rain from sitting on them and gradually soaking into the walls where it was causing the cement to rot.  We also asked for sills on the staircase to the roof terrace to stop the water running off the sides and soaking into the concrete.  He decided that the staircase going up to the roof was dangerous and advised us to have it reinforced.  We agreed on a price (including all work) and he went away, promising us workmen a couple of days later.

Wall-painted-last-yearThe marble montage man turned up when expected and got to work on the roof.  He did a full day’s work (he was very efficient and pleasant) and said he would come back the next morning if it didn’t rain.  It rained.  It rained pretty marble-sill-and-plantswell every day for a week.  But, when it didn’t rain, he came round again with an assistant and finished the job.  It looks very good (in our opinion).  The only problem he encountered was is he had to remove one of the brackets holding the soba flu, this needs replacing.

underside-of-stairsYesterday two men turned up and chopped the rotten cement out from under the stairs, replacing it with concrete.  That was in the morning.  We spent the afternoon cleaning up.  It looks solid but will need a coat of paint (most of the exterior could use a coat or two of paint!).

As ever, the men who did the work were proper craftsmen.  Polite, pleasant and fixed-concretehelpful.  We are now waiting for the man to come round to get the money.   He doesn’t seem to be in any great rush for it, though we’re sure he will be round in due course.

stairs-with-marble-lipWhilst cleaning up we discovered that some of the stairs do not slope down from the back to the front.  They slope slightly to one side and the water can’t run off them due to the new marble sills.  So the plan is to retile (either ourselves or get someone to do it) with non-slip exterior tiles and slope them in the right direction…  In the meantime, some of our steps are developing small puddles when it rains.  And that is our fault entirely – something we didn’t think of when we asked for the work to be done.

We also noticed that some of the old roof furniture has not survived winter and needs to be replaced.  We recycled the rotting wood chairs.  They were covered in gloss paint but one of our neighbours was happy to have them as firewood.

So the marble work is done and it has created four new tasks, fixing the soba flu, the stairs, exterior painting, and buying some new terrace furniture.  It never ends…..