I can see clearly now… (but it is still raining)

Feb-13-aAbout a week ago, Hilary fell over in the Artemis Temple and scratched her glasses.  She also sustained some nasty bruises but those have gone now…  The scratches were too deep to polish out and, whilst they had no drastic effects upon her vision, Hilary was due for an eye test anyway.  So we decided to get her new glasses, involving a new eye test and a new prescription.

On Monday we went to Kuşadası to visit Lara Optik.  They are highly recommended on the Kuşadası forum.  Our confidence in the place was further boosted when a friend walked in at the same time as us.  Necdet was very helpful and very personable.  He arranged an appointment at Ada Göz, a private eye hospital which offers a hefty discount for people with GSS – the Government Health Insurance scheme in which we are enrolled.

not-a-cruise-shopWe had an hour or so to spare so we went for tea at Guvercin garden, the Belediye run tea garden right on the waterfront.  No cruiseships this time of year though the harbour was not exactly empty…  It seems the US navy were in town although we did not see any sailors.

After tea one of the guys from Lara Optik gave us a lift to the Eye Hospital, whereupon we discovered that Hilary was not registered for GSS.  Ashley was registered and Hilary should have been registered as his dependent…  We ended up payıng for her eye test.  120 lira.  Not unreasonable but somewhat annoying.  For that she not only got an eye test and glasses prescription but examination, treatment and eye drop prescription for some irritation she’s been suffering recently.

Back to the optician for a discussion of options.  Hilary chose some frames and expensive varifocal lenses    All in all about what the same as the equivalent would have cost in the UK.

The next day we went to sort out the Health Insurance problem.  Not being on the system was worrying.  This involved a trip to Tire on the dolmuş.  It was market day so things were hectic.  Ashley remembered the way to the SGK office where, after we explained what we wanted, the security guy issued us with a numbered ticket.  We waited about half an hour then explained to the memur that Ashley was on the system but Hilary was not (we had taken along our translated and notarised marriage certificate, though they already have a copy of that).  At first we were told it was because we had not got the paperwork from the nüfus office in Selçuk.   We explained that we had delivered that back in September.  Then the memur who originally dealt with us came over, showed the other guy how to put Hilary on the system, put her on the system and told us that she would be on the system should we return to the hospital straight away.

new-glassesToday we went back to Lara Optik in Kuşadası to collect Hilary’s glasses.  They are purple and, she thinks, quite becoming.  As they are varifocals it will take a while to get used to them but she already notices a big improvement for reading, sewing and using the computer.  And hopefully (inşallah) in future seeing her feet and the corresponding part of the ground at the same tıme.

11 responses to “I can see clearly now… (but it is still raining)

  1. yearly event for me for as long as I can remember…..the optical test and whether I need to buy new specs!

    • Every two years for us. Ashley will be due a test in the summer, and no doubt the prescription will have changed. It’s a getting old thing. Fortunately his expensive frames remain in perfect condition so can be used again.

  2. I’m due for my eye test I just keep putting it off,I just hate glasses.must say you look nice in yours.hope you are ok after your fall it really knocks you about.take care. Annette. Rob x

  3. J recently renewed her prescription at our local state-of-the-art opticians. she selected frames and quality of vari-focal lenses and collected the prescription two days later – it was perfect and discounted by SGK. Ain’t it great!

    • We were told of the discount. Ashley will get his… Found out this morning they left the react to light coating off my lenses. Phoned…. I will manage till Thursday afternoon when they will be replaced. I may even get the SGK discount at that stage as I believe I am now on the system!

  4. I wish I hadn’t had the reactive coating on my glasses as they go dark in any daylight – even a very cloudy day but don’t go dark inside the car. Next ones I have will be un-reactive.

  5. I’ve only had one eye test in Turkey some years ago at the devlet hospital in Selcuk and it was a disaster. It was over far too quickly and I should have realised it wasn’t thorough enough. Having then paid a huge amount at an opticians in Selcuk for my varifocals, I found them to be useless…because of course the prescription was useless.

    Since then I’ve had my eyetests and renewed glasses at Specsavers on my trips to England…the last time being in December. However, although the lenses on these are perfect, the frames are now the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced. I’m off to Milas this week to see if I can get some comfortable frames to fit the lenses.

    Hope your bruises have healed, and glad to hear you were pleased with your glasses Hilary xx

    • My bruises are much better, thanks. It no longer hurts to walk.
      I can’t say I’ve been delighted with Specsavers. My last glasses came from them and were never quite right. I think these new ones will be better. If I had another UK eye test, I would go to Boots who are quite expensive for glasses but have always given me good optical advice.
      I was advised to go to the Devlet in Selcuk by a very nice Selcuk optician but decided to make the trip to Kusadasi and Ada Goz. I really don’t regret it. Especially as these non-reactive lenses will be replaced on Thursday! Also, the doctor at Ada Goz cleared out my tear ducts which had been giving me problems. It really helped that everyone spoke English. I know I should speak Turkish but…

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