Gölova – Çile Doğa Yürüyüşü

sea-view-for-lunch-breakAnother wonderful walk with Zirve Dağcılık ve Doğa Sporları Kulübü Selçuk Şubesi.  We walked a forest path between Gölova and Çile (two villages not all that far from here).  The weather was good – it didn’t rain, it wasn’t too cold but it did get rather windy at times.  We saw a green lizard Lacerata lepida (not a chameleon at all, thank you Alan)!  We saw anenomes.  We saw buzzards and goldfinches and many, many chaffinches.  And great tits.

We clambered up onto a Roman fort which was obviously guarding the road down toroman-fort Claros (an oracular site of some importance which might be where Homer was born or near where he was born).  That was a bit of a scramble but Hilary  managed OK, despite the bad leg from falling off a rock on Friday.
On to the village of Çile  where we stopped for lunch (sucuk cooked over an open walkers-lunchfire).  The field we had the fire in had the most amazing view all the way down to Ahmetbeyli beach which is where we spent most of our late afternoon / early evenings during our long, hot summer.  Oh, and we had wine.  Rather good village wine.
Then down the hill, past an amazing fountain (containing one of the oracular stones from Claros).  Then on to where our minibus picked us back up to take us home.

4 responses to “Gölova – Çile Doğa Yürüyüşü

  1. . . we were both out walking today, wasn’t it wonderful? With respect the chameleon is a green lizard Lacerata lepida; here is a link to a chameleon resident in and around my house http://vimeo.com/26876781 great post, enjoyed it very much.

  2. The fields of spring anemones are such a joy. I missed them when I lived in England.

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