January – Photo of the Month

Today we went wandering around Ephesus.  Hilary fell over in the Artemis Temple, split her trousers (which was funny) and now has a few bruises as well.   Less funny and potentially expensive are the scratches in her glasses, but her prescription is almost two years old so new glasses are probably needed anyway.  Maybe this is why she fell over.

On the subject of wandering around old sites we got this photo on the trail to Gerga.  We really liked the light, clouds and rain over the water.



6 responses to “January – Photo of the Month

  1. . . captures the ‘Dark Side’ of winter walking here – love it as long as one is prepared!

    • Thanks. We tend to wear the same gear as we take on the bike, so normally stay reasonably dry. Also, when not with a guided group, we stick to forest roads and marked trails.

  2. Join the club Hilary – I have fallen over in Iassos, Theangela, Syangela Kalkan and Halicarnassus ( well Bodrum really) in the last 12 months. Too busy looking up at inscriptions and building techniques.

    • I just stepped off a piece of masonry the wrong way. We went back to town, bought me some new trousers, established that the scratches in my varifocals cannot be polished out then walked up to Ephesus! I am now feeling, sore, bruised and sorry for myself.

  3. Oh dear! Sorry about that! But you did get an amazing photo!!

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