Sunday, we got up when it was still dark for a trip with Zirve Dağçılık to Gerga.  We made it to the meeting place in time for a glass of tea before Bridgethe bus left.  Then it was a two hour drive to the last half an hour up a narrow winding road south of Çine.  We got out of the bus to admire a Roman Bridge.  Then we walked to Gerga, about a two hour walk along unmarked trails, not all easy walking, some was quite challenging (steep and slippery rocky bits) but not so challenging that it detracted from enjoyment of the landscape.

Gerga-standing-stonesGerga itself is impressive.  There has been some work there, but it’s not in the slightest bit restored.  It’s spread between a series of fields separated byGerga-and-the-lake stone walls.  Two massive monolith-type structures, several smaller structures, a few inscriptions (most of which say Gerga or Gergas in Gerga-lionGreek script) and a couple of stone lions, so worn away that you can hardly tell they are lions.  Ashley spotted they were lions before the guide pointed them out to us.

We got a talk about the history of the place and some of the attached mythology.  Gerga1In Turkish, of course, though Hilary did understand most of it.  The guide spoke good English and told us the same stuff in English a bit later.  There is not a lot known about Gerga, it appears to have been fairly small, referred to as a village at one point.

Lake-and-rainBelow Gerga there is a dam, it’s made a big reservoir.  We understand there is more old stuff beneath the water.  The views were good, the dark clouds and rain over the reservoir were particularly rainbowimpressive., We were actually quite lucky with the weather, rainbows and intermittent showers when we were walking, torrential rain at times when we were on the bus.

On the way home we stopped to sample the famous Çine köfte which were delicious.

8 responses to “Gerga

  1. We got hopelessly lost the first time we went to Gerga, took us about 3 hours to find it. Read Brian Sewell’s account of not finding Gerga and falling in the river. Now the road has changed, I don’t think I’d ever find it again without a guide.

  2. Did you stop off in Çine? I plan to go and nosey around the castle one day but from photos on the net, it doesn’t look like there is much to nosey around?

    • We stopped for köfte in Çine. But we were with a large group and the weather was not good. I think everyone wanted to get home before it got too late and too cold. It is a town I have always wanted to look around. Not sure if there is much there though the views across the reservoir from the main road are pretty.

  3. Hope you are both ok looking forward to our Market day x

  4. We were just in Gerga. We got a guide from Alabayir village. The villagers know the best route which was a normal walk on dirt road and took us about 45 min.

    • Well, we were with a mountaineering club so everyone was there as much for the walking as the site! Though it’s good to have this advice. We do know people who have tried to find Gerga and failed.

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