False Spring

The last three days have had a springlike feel to them so we have taken advantage and been out and about.  Today the forecast is for rain and this looks set to persist for the next few days.  We’ve done as much washing as we could…  At least the temperatures remain pleasant.
Ozdere1Sunday we took the bike out.  A friend told us of a Harley Owner’s Group ride out from Izmir.  We didn’t go to Izmir but met up with the crowd at their destination Ozdere2in Özdere.  The coast road from here to Özdere is pretty and very popular with bikers. We met up at Sevgi Park where there is a restaurant with a wonderful view. There was a set meal which we thought was a little expensive, though it was very good.
plovers-3On Monday we took the bike out again.  This time to the local beach at Pamucak.  We walked along the beach to the river and saw several varieties of plover (and wagtails and herons and cormorants).  A glass of tea at the beach cafe rounded off the afternoon.
On Tuesday we were more adventurous.  We got the dolmuş up to Camlık and discovered the route up to Meryemana.pamucak-from-Meryemana  We got bored with the metalled road on the way down so struck off on a forest road which led us down to the Kuşadası highway.  We then found a back road that took us to just before the airstrip where we flagged down an empty dolmuş which bought us back to Selçuk.
We’ve been lovely and warm on all of these outings and are really not looking forward to the onset of ‘winter again’.


6 responses to “False Spring

  1. And winter is back again, although the temperatures aren’t too bad. We have gale force winds at the moment. Quite terrifying this far up on the hill. I don’t think I will be out on the bike again for a while.

    • It’s very gusty here today. Though it does remain fairly warm. The forecast was for rain but I am now wishing I’d ignored that and done the washing this morning.

  2. There’s a day when all the Harleys come to Bodrum – it’s quite a sight.

  3. Hello again! So nice to read your news! The forecast here is for rain and lo and behold, it has just started to rain … I was going on a photo trek around the Galata Bridge but not sure now 😦

    • The storm finally arrived. Really windy, huge flashes of lightning, torrential rain. The power lasted a bit then the whole of Selçuk was briefly plunged into darkness. No intention whatsoever of going outside.
      Galata Bridge is lovely, even in the rain.

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