December – Photo of the Month

We are currently reviewing all our photographs from 2012.  This wonderful view from the ridge above Selçuk is our photo for December 2012.  View-2


6 responses to “December – Photo of the Month

  1. Your photo has prompted me to make my first resolution this year:
    “I must take better photographs”.

    • We do tend to take a lot and throw most away, something which was not so practical in the days of film. Then there is photoshop for colour correction. For the last year Hilary was doing a take a photo a day project which we think helped with looking and composing pictures.

  2. Great shot? Did you take any pix of the nesting storks right at the edge of town close by and in the Ruin of the cathedral (St.John’s?)
    If so, please post them. What a wonderful memory!

    • Thanks. We did a whole post about our local storks a while back **. We watched them raise their young and then we watched the young learning to fly.

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