Daily Archives: December 28, 2012

Winter Warmers

So far it has not been a cold winter, not like last year which was described as exceptionally cold, although there have been a few cold days and nights.  Locally distributed (well from Bursa) wall mounted space heaters from Norway are verykitchen-radiator popular with people we know here and have been highly recommended as extremely efficient and effective.  Getting some would mean we could stop using the floor standing oil filled electric radiators we inherited which although reasonably effective are more costly to run and tend to get in our way at times.  They also tend to gather dust and are difficult to clean.

Yesterday we bought two.  One for our main living space and a smaller fitting-the-radiatorsone for the bedroom.   Today they arrived.  In less than an hour we had them fitted to the walls, mounting them really was very simple.  They look pretty good, are very neat and tidy, and most importantly belt out warmth really quickly.

If they are good enough for winters in Norway they should do just fine here.