Daily Archives: December 16, 2012

Recipe for Winter Tea

our-winter-teaOn Saturday we got some winter tea from the market.  This was made up for us by our favourite herb and spice lady.  She showed us the pot they had brewing on the stall and asked if we would like the same mixture.  We got the impression that winter tea is not a single thing – everyone seems to have their own formula.

We were given three bags.  One contains linden tea, one contains hisbiscus, rosehips and juniper berries.  One contains cinnamon sticks, ginseng, turmeric root, dried ginger root, black peppercorns, cloves, camomile and echidna.   This is for seven days of tea.  You take one of each root and a cinnamon stick and some of the contents of that bag and some of the contents of the other bags and steep them with half a cup of water in the bottom part of the teapot.  We guess it is diluted when you drink it…  Not tried it yet.

Later we went to Carpouza and Hilary took a photo of the poster saying what their winter tcarpouza-teaea contains:  Hisbiscus, rosehip, liquorice root, eucalyptus, camomile, linden, quince leaves, sage, cinnamon, ginger,  cloves, turmeric and havlıcan (which we have not yet managed to translate).

We have now tried out the tea at home.  It is not precisely like Carpouza tea but itis good.  We filled the bottom teapot and put water in the top pot in case it needs dilution.   Ashley’s comment ‘needs more honey’.