Daily Archives: December 11, 2012

Winter Tea

We went walking with Zirve Dağcilik on Sunday, to a village called Dağtekke, in the hills above Torbalı.  It was raining so the walking was shortened and morewet-walk time was spent indoors around a huge soba, drinking tea, eating and chatting, and of course there was okey and backgammon being played.  Outside the tea house but under cover were two ladies making very delicious gözleme, they were making them all day, clearly doing a roaring trade.  There were stalls in the village, set out with village produce.  We bought some beans and some almonds, wet-villagewe cooked some of the beans yesterday and they are very good indeed.  The setting was lovely and some effort has been made to make the village look attractive.  If the sun had been shining it would have been really stunning, but sadly it was raining.

It continued raining all day Monday.  More commonly it is sunshine and showers, the showers can be torrential and very thundery, sometimes merging into each other.  We had nearly 48 hours of rain, there were floods in Izmir, we saw neighbours emptying buckets.  Fortunately we have had no leaks.

Ashley-with-winter-teaToday the sun came out.  It is not warm, 15oC or so.  We took the opportunity to go to a local café and drink winter tea.  This is an infusion of spices and other things and rather delicious, especially with a spoonful of honey stirred into it.