Daily Archives: December 8, 2012

The addictive blog award

Claudia, author of the very wonderful blog, A Seasonal Cook in Turkey very kindly passed this blog award to us.  And really, if you have any interest in cooking, markets or wonderful food photography, you should look at her blog.  We can verify that the recipes work (though our attempts rarely look as gorgeous as hers).

As such it is incumbent upon us to write an acceptance speech entry explaining why we started blogging and why we continue to do so.  This might be quite a long story…

Hilary has been blogging for more than ten years in one form or another.  It started with Live Journal.  She started that as a way of keeping up with the news and gossip amongst a group of friends living around the world.  And that evolved into an occasional journal which has now been taken private.  She finds it very useful to be able to look up what she was doing one year ago, two years ago etc.  Back in 2010 she undertook a ‘photo a day’ project – mainly in an attempt to actually look at the things she was seeing every day.  That has been repeated this year on her Year and a Day blog and she is wondering where to take that next year.  That will almost certainly go to a Nature Diary of some sort with an emphasis on observation.  A bit like the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady only more urban and less Edwardian.

Oh we also started a travel blog when we first tried to ride the Harley to Turkey.  We failed the first time (ended up bombing around in Greece) but made it the next year (we allowed more time and had better weather).  Quite a few of our trips were documented on there…

This blog was started by the two of us as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family and also as a way of connecting to new people in our new home here in Selçuk.  We are very happy with the blogging community here and are proud to have become a part of it.

It’s probably quite clear from the above that Hilary is a long time blogging ‘addict’.  She’s been addicted to writing for as long as she can remember and this is just a new form…

Now, to recommend some blogs you may not have seen – I hope this doesn’t feel too much like one of those chain letters.  It’s also very hard to pick and choose.  We follow a number of very well- known blogs that are not included – trying to give people less usual experiences!  Do take a look at the links on the right hand side of our page – there is lots of good reading there.

Saga Lite – A blog by a friend and Hilary’s ex-colleague Karin about her experiences in Sweden.  They have snow there and very cold weather, apparently.  And, apparently, some people like that.

Archers of Okcular – by a man with at least 16 times our experience of this wonderful country.  Always informative, often amusing.

Biology Curator – by a friend of ours, Gina Allnatt – this blog is what it says on the tin.  Absolutely fascinating stuff.

Give Recipe –  is a lovely Turkish food blog with a lot of Turkish food-wisdom along the way

Ayak’s Turkish Delight  – a wonderful piece of highly personal and very good-humoured blogging