Apocalypse 1 – Flood

Last night there was a thunderstorm.  It woke us up.  It was too loud for us to get back to sleep.  It took out the electricity (we could tell as we normally get a bit of light from streetlamps in this house).  It came back quite quickly but the AC unit started flashing.  Hilary unplugged it.  Then there was more thunderstorms during which we heard the trip switch go – there was electricity in the street but not in our place…

This morning when we got up there was no electricity anywhere to be seen.  Ashley reset the trip switches to no avail.  Neighbours confirmed that there was no electricity in their houses.  We went into town as we had some errands to run.  There was no electricity in the centre of town, except for where people had started generators running.

The power came back soon after midday.  By which time the weather was lovely…sunshine-after-the-storm

But it was dramatic.  It started in the early hours of the morning and went on till around 08:00.  Four to six hours of heavy rain, thunder and lightning.  We think the house was probably hit once or twice.

At one point it seemed that the apocalypse predicted for December 21st had started early.  We had survived the veritable flood – obviously due to the Şirince effect – but there was no one left to make our electricity…


4 responses to “Apocalypse 1 – Flood

  1. . . ‘Byrası Türkiye!’ as they say around these parts 🙂

  2. We were out in the storm and rain for 90 mins yesterday after a bit of miscalculation over the time of the next downpour. Exciting stuff but the dog aka “drowned rat” wasn’t very happy and my raincoat and boots are no longer waterproof.

    • Oh dear! We have managed not to venture out in the worst of it (except briefly, to empty the bin etc)… Yet. It’s market tomorrow and we have booked to go on a walk with the Zirve people on Sunday. The roof cats are, however, happily huddled in the hut.

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