November – Photo of the Month

Recently Hilary went shopping in Kemeraltı, Izmir.  She bought loads of fabric and various other bits, and had coffee on the upper storey of this restored han in the heart of what is the bazar in Izmir.  It is a fascinating area to wander around, almost anything can be found.

We chose this picture of the han from the coffee bar as our photo of the month.  Apart from the wonderful setting the coffee was fantastic.

Possible nov ptmA

We also have two others from the han to share.


A wonderful view of harbour street Ephesus from the harbour area up towards the theatre.


And two from Pamucak beach in November sunshine.

Pamucak-Nov12Possible nov ptmD

Which would you have chosen?

10 responses to “November – Photo of the Month

  1. . . the ruins or behind the beach – for the flora and fauna

    • The one of Ephesus is from a forest road that goes behind the old harbour, we’d never have discovered it by ourselves. The road then continues towards the sea, within the city walls. There are pieces of carved stone everywhere.

  2. The beach, a balance composition, vibrant colours, a hint of action in the surf, a feeling of majesty. I like it.

  3. harbour st Ephesus, though the Han on is also lovely

  4. “[…] Where is the han? That’s what we wanted to know” […] “Follow me” […] The han was a tumble-down inn with huge worm-eaten doors. “This is the han” […] “We must go in and find the innkeeper” […] The courtyard was full of horses, donkeys, mules, carts. On the ground, the manure of horses and donkeys lay ankle-deep. It was damp, its stink smarting in one’s nostrils. They felt almost sick from the pungent smell. In the middle a fair-sized lantern was hanging from a pole, much of its glass black with soot. […] Timidly they climbed a rickety staircase, thick with cobwebs. The steps creaked as though they would collapse beneath their weight. They entered a filthy room, with beds arranged in a row side by side. […] The room was thick with cigarette smoke, hanging in folds in the air. Through the smoke they could just make out a lantern on a filthy wall that was spotted with dead bugs. […] “So it’s the first time you’ve slept in a han?”

    Kemal, Yashar. Memed, My Hawk (New York: The New York Review of books, 2005) 61-64.


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