The End of the World (Again)

It would appear (if you believe in these things) that the world is going to end late December – on the 22nd to be precise.  Something to do with the Mayan long count which comes to an end around this date.  The long count is a calendar of sorts, a measure of time, a longer version of a month or a year or a century.  We don’t think anything will happen any more than did at the turn of the last century, it is the turning of the long count and it starts again.

According to some one of the places which will be saved from this apocalypse is Şirince.  This has now been reported in a few national newspapers.  By all accounts all the hotels and pensions in the village are rapidly filling up, normally they are empty and closed for winter.  Clearly this is very good for the local economy.

It has also drawn local interest, our local sports, walking and climbing club are going to have a camp up near the village, we are not sure why, maybe they want to see what is going on.  We’ve been invited to join them but the thought of camping in the hills in December…..  It will be freezing cold and probably raining as well.

It is only a two hour walk from our place to Şirince.  We are going to stay home in the warm and dry, and hope the magic rays of Şirince (apocalypse) protection extend as far as our place.


12 responses to “The End of the World (Again)

  1. I must suggest that the local council starts an internet rumour that the little village of Chudleigh in Devon will be safe from the forthcoming apocalypse – as you say, great for the local economy! 🙂

    • No idea who the group that started this are or where they are from. It seems the first the local hoteliers knew was when their places started to get booked up. But yes, Devon county council should go for it… Pick a village with some b&b’s and a pub and rake in the dollars.

  2. Learn something new every day! Who knew Şirince will be the safest place to be? 😉 Hope Istanbul gets spared as well!

  3. . . rather obvious really – if the End of the World is Nigh, then tucking into a few bottles of the local tipple will have the day pass without the drawback of a hangover!

    • Well yes, we are sure the local wineries will make a fair few lira. Maybe some enterprising locals will make extra lira selling tinfoil hats. We’ll stock our fridge with Efes and drink the night away.

  4. How many “safe from the end of the world” villages will we see being advertised in the next few years – (none if the prediction comes true)

    • Probably lots. We are going to use this one as an excuse to drink – but not Şirince wines. We may take a trip up to the village just to see what is going on, it could be a laugh.

  5. incredible how the word spreads isn’t it?:) enjoy Sirince though, I love its pebbely streets once had a great gozleme there. wonder if it’s still good?

    • We are quite often in Sirince as it is the start point or end point of some of our favourite walks. It’s very pretty but often very crowded. We’ve never found a particularly good place for gozleme though.

  6. We are warned in the scriptures that we will not know the day or the hour, that the Son of Man would return ‘like a thief in the night’, but this pertains to Christ’s return to this world…..

    • Which is of course very different to the Mayan long count, essentially a calendar. That some have decided this herald the end of the world is about as logical as those who claimed the same for 31/12/1999. Not much happened then, I am sure similar will be reported in late December this year.

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