Sharing the terrace

It is another lovely sunny and warm day, so we decided to clean up the roof terrace.  We’ve had cats up there for a couple of weeks, three young adult females and pair of kittens.  They are wild / feral so do not really tolerate people that well, but we have given them bits of food to help the kittens along and not disturbed them a great deal.   In return they have tolerated us a little more and the kittens have become more confident around us.  The kittens are now at least 6 weeks old and to be honest it is time the family moved on or at the very least come to realise that the roof space is not exclusively theirs.

Moving a few bits of furniture around and turning on a hose pipe seemed to give the cats the idea they ought to move.  The tabby kitten left right away with the adults, the black one hung around for a bit then left by the same route.  Currently they are all on the roof next door, this roof like ours, has places the cats can shelter from bad weather, so we doubt they will go far or suffer from having their cat house reclaimed.  Every now and then one of them would return, look around, and then leave again.

Some of hard furniture had residue from kills, dried blood mostly.  Not pleasant but it came off easily enough.  The cushion covers and fabrics we will wash, we haven’t seen any cat fleas on them but appearances can be deceptive and the chances of feral cats not having fleas is slim.  We also washed and swept the floor and generally tidied everything up.

The hut, which is a lovely and sheltered place to sit in the winter sun, is now ours for a while.  It was warm enough to sit up there this afternoon.  No doubt at times they will make use of it, we don’t mind, not that we have a lot of choice.  The sun is now setting, it is getting too cold for us to be up there.  They can use the space for a while.  They just need to get used to sharing.

11 responses to “Sharing the terrace

  1. . . I’ll have a Mars bar with you that at least one of them ends up indoors.

  2. Such a nice story to know you have helped them,there loads around us and it doesn’t help as some people hate cats I love them , hope you are ok we ll see you soon

    • We are happy to help them out a little, providing they share….
      If the kittens survive winter and become tame enough to catch we will take them to a local vet. The vet will sterilise and release back locally, and does not charge for street cats.

  3. Bless you both for being willing to share your space with these cats. And I hope that in time they will be tame enough to be taken off to the vets to be neutered..I’m pretty sure they will. Most animals respond to kindness whether feral or not, in my experience.

    (I also think you may well end up with at least one of them indoors!)

    • Well, the mother has poked her nose around the front house door but retreated when she saw Hilary.. The hut on the roof is sort of indoors, we guess. But real indoors is unlikely – we know from past experience that cats and kilims do not really mix (though, in that case, the cat pre-dated the kilims).

  4. Psychokitty!

  5. If they are happy to stay outdoors and you are happy to feed them, they are very lucky felines.

    • We did provide some food up on the terrace when the kittens were younger. We may on occasion put some dried food up there but mostly our waste along with the rest of the street goes into the bins and the cats find it. We normally put fish and chicken scraps under the bins. Anything a cat would consider edible tends to disappear pretty fast.

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