Dead fish at Pamucak

Midweek we took the bike to Pamucak.  Walked along the beach as far as the Küçük Menderes, had a good look at the wetlands where we saw little egrets (we are sure they are little egrets, we had the binoculars and saw their black beaks), grey herons, several different sorts of gulls, a few Kentish plovers, larks, wagtails, finches, thrushes, and what were almost certainly a pair of eagles.  They were distant and hard to identify, even with binoculars, but definitely raptors and larger than a buzzard.  We also saw a great many dead fish.  Some washed up along the shore, and a whole wave of them to the Pamucak side of the river.  We also saw people fishing…

The pollution of the the Küçük Menderes is a well-known (and Nationally publicised) problem.  There is a campaign to clean it up and we signed the petition along with many, many others.  If we understand the news right, fines have been imposed on the worst industrial polluters, but the dead fish we saw indicate that the problem may persist.  The wetlands behind the beach are recognised as an ecologically sensitive area, the beach itself, particularly towards the channel up to Ephesus is an increasingly important tourist attraction.  The problem with the river has been recognised and, hopefully, things will soon start to improve.


8 responses to “Dead fish at Pamucak

  1. there have been similar problems around Dalyan and this is Turkey’s first Specially Protected area!

    • We don’t actually know what killed the fish but the fact that the river is polluted is well documented. There is some determination to sort the problems out but it’s been difficult to get the people ‘upstream’ on board. Hilary would love to take a more active part in cleaning up and protecting this beautiful area.

  2. Pollution a universal problem it would seem…..

    • It is. We live in the area the river flows into the sea, and locally the authorities want to clean it up. The issue is that if every town, village, farm, and so on, upstream all add a little waste, fertiliser, whatever, by the time the water gets here the combined additions make it fairly polluted. Yet each on their own are probably well within their locally acceptable limits. Difficult…..

  3. Too many chemicals used in the fields perhaps?

  4. That’s sad to read. Hope it does get sorted. We read recently about developments being started at Ephesus and plans include linking the site back to the sea via a canal ‘to make it more attractive for tourists – is this the area where boats would sail?

    • The area where they intend to dredge out the canal is well away from the river estuary. Maybe a couple of miles. There were a few fish washed up within half a mile of the canal. We were swimming near the canal a lot in the summer and the currents tend to take the pollution the other way. ‘Theme Park Ephesus’, is, of course, one of the reasons there is such sudden interest in what is a fairly old problem.

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