Winter is Coming

Our preparations for winter are falling into place, and given the recent and rather sudden drop in temperature just in time.

We got a local electrician to sort our TV.  They left us their contact details some months ago when they came to install our Digiturk (TV) system.  Thanks to their extremely efficient and reasonably priced service the dish now has a double cable, one to the front and one to the back.  All we need to do is disconnect, move, and reconnect the digiturk box depending on where we want to watch TV.  Now, when winter arrives we can sit snugly in the front house and have loads of channels, most of which we never watch.  Seems sensible…  CSI every evening if we want….  We also have loads of DVD’s to help the cold nights pass.  We picked up the Borgias series 2 and Game of Thrones series 1 on our trip to the UK, eye candy for the long dark nights.

We needed to get a plumber to do a couple of tasks, a tap that did not work and a new cistern along with the parts that fit inside.  We made use of a contact from a friend, a plumber she said was good.  It turned out that we could not just replace the cistern, we would need a completely new toilet.  The work is now done, he was efficient and very good value.

We need to get antifreeze put into the solar water system.  A member of the family across the road from us works for a solar power installation company, so we’ll ask them to do it.  We’ll probably get charged much the same – it is not expensive, and at least the money will go locally.

We need to get a glazier to fit a new window pane.  A pane in a double glazing unit is cracked.  Again, an old friend should be able to help, she is married to someone who installs double glazing.  Not exactly the same but they will know someone who can fit new glass into a double glazing unit.

We have a little over metric tonne of firewood stored away.  Thanks to friends who helped us last winter we know where to get good quality firewood.  Our neighbours say we should get some coal because it is more economical, burns slower and hotter.  There seems to be mixed feelings about using coal, not everyone seems to think it is a good idea.  We shall look into this, see what options there are and how good the coal is.  We can order coal from the same people who deliver our calor gas and drinking water.  They recognise our phone number and know where we live.

There is a theme – Personal contacts.  Having a relationship with people who provide a service is very much how things are done here.  We are gradually building up our lists of contacts, builders, carpenter, electrician and so forth.  There has been a certain amount of trial and error, last year at first we initially bought wood which was not so good, we were very much new to it all and learning our way.  (Oddly those same guys bought wood round to us this year, having assumed we would buy it – we didn’t).  We still are learning our way but we are getting better at it and much less reliant on others to point us in the right direction.  Hopefully we will, someday, be in a position to help others as we have been helped ourselves.


6 responses to “Winter is Coming

  1. It’s all trial and error. When we first moved to Cappadocia, the wood and coal we bought wasn’t good at all, but the following year we were pointed in the right direction. Having moved around so often, we have to start again with new contacts, but I expect you’ve found that generally people are so honest that they are happy to help you get just the right thing. My husband has been busy re-sealing uPVC frames today in readiness for the rain which I’m sure will be here soon…and the electric blanket went onto the bed today.

    • Still not sure about using coal, tempted, but it is so messy. Today the belediye were distributing free wood and we ended up helping our neighbour get theirs off the street. Everybody is getting ready for winter and there is a haze of wood smoke around town.
      It is still lovely during the day, bright, sunny and reasonably warm but as soon as the sun sets it gets decidedly chilly. Still not much in the way of rain but it will come soon enough.

  2. It has got chilly hasn’t it – I have to grab a blanket when I’m sitting on the sofa as it’s not quite cold enough to justify turning on the heating

    • Almost exactly the same as us. Extra clothing and trying not to use heating, though we admit to the occasional nighttime blast of the gas soba. Soon it will be time for proper heating.

  3. . . proper little Boy Scouts 🙂 – have a snug winter

    • Gave up rubbing sticks together a long time ago. But yes, and thanks, we will be snug and warm. Hopefully for all of us this winter will not be a cold as the last.

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