Our new Kitchen – Part 2

Back from the UK our priority was to get the kitchen finished.  Apart from anything else it would be getting cold soon and the hole in the wall would not aid keeping warm.

The first step was to get the extractor hood moved to the right height to fit the flue.  For this we were told we needed to go back to Beko and get their people to do it, otherwise we would invalidate the warranty.  So we did.  We went to their retail outlet and explained what was needed, in Turkish since very little English is spoken there.  There was initially some concern because there is a minimum height the hood must be from the stove top.  We managed to explain that lowering the hood would not be a problem, the hood had been mounted well above the minimum of 75cm (or standard as it is known here).  The engineers came around later that day, moved the hood to the right height, and fitted the flue.

This left getting the hole filled in, tidying the wiring, and of course there was some paintwork which needed touching up.  Ashley really must remember that even when only using small amounts of paint it is a good idea to change into decorating clothes.

We showed the hole in the wall to your neighbour.  He is a master builder so we hoped he would be able to solve the problem.  He agreed with us that it could not be filled from the inside without taking out the cupboards and that doing this would create further problems with the flue.  He looked at it from outside, the problem there being the hole is high, about 6 metres from street level.  He did not seem to think this would be a problem, agreed he could fill the hole, mentioned something which turned out to mean scaffold, and fixed a time and date.  Pretty much all of this was done in Turkish, he speaks various other languages, including German and Arabic, but not English.

Come the day it turned out that what he meant by scaffold was a long ladder which he spent an hour or so making out of planks and other pieces of wood, a bit like a siege ladder.  Once made and in place, up went a couple of buckets, and various tools.  Before long the hole was filled with a few bricks, everything cemented in, and the grille replaced.  Our neighbour then took the siege ladder apart, saving the wood for whatever task it is next needed for.

Hilary provided lemon drizzle cake which seemed to be appreciated, and we now have a draft free kitchen.

4 responses to “Our new Kitchen – Part 2

  1. Burası Türkiye! No problem!

    • Definitely. Though we do have truly wonderful and helpful neighbours. The plate from the drizzle cake just came back full of delicious smelling pilaf. Now Hilary won’t need to make couscous to go with dinner. (Yes we are the sad people who bring couscous back from the UK).

  2. When I read the word scaffold I was a bit surprised!

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