Back on the Road

I picked up a replacement rear wheel in London along with bearings and spacer.  The wheel was put into a holdall and loaded onto our Easyjet flight back to Izmir.  It all went without a hitch and even with the additional charges represented a considerable saving from buying locally.

I am looking at various future options for buying bike parts, locally made custom stuff is available.  Then there is shopping in UK and Eurozone – Greece is easy to get to, there would still be import costs but these are not excessive.  Finally there is buying in the USA and paying shipping and import costs.  Each has benefits, cheapest is probably buying from the USA and sorting shipping / import, it is also probably the most complex.  It all needs to be carefully looked at.

The reality is vehicle parts in Turkey are expensive, more so for imported / foreign vehicles, this goes for any vehicle, and for the likes of big bikes and posh cars to cost goes up again.   I’m going to do what I can to keep the costs down, at the same time just as when I was living in the UK I accept that running vehicles is expensive.

But for now, we have the replacement wheel.  Hilary took it on the bus to Izmir and I rode the bike rather carefully and slowly up HD Izmir.  I really did not want to risk passenger and  heavy luggage on the bike with the dodgy rear wheel.  Anyway, we both got to Izmir and then spent some time wandering around the backstreets of Bornova and Işikkent.  We found a place to have a good and inexpensive lunch, salads, a kebap to share and ayran.  A couple of hours later and after more çay the bike was all done, new wheel fitted and balanced.

It rides well.

4 responses to “Back on the Road

  1. Glad to hear you got it all sorted Ashley. You are so right, running any vehicle here is expensive. My husband sold his car today and bought a motorbike. We have to cut costs and of course a motorbike is more economical. And apart from that, he really loves motorbikes more than cars!

    • I have always taken the view that very few people actually need a vehicle, maybe they do if living somewhere without public transport or have some sort of special need. Sure vehicles are convenient. We wanted the bike and accept that it costs, and agree bikes are generally more economical and far more fun than cars.

  2. It’s now a wheel with a story attached. Much more interesting than just taking the bike into a garage and getting a new part.

    • We do try to make things into a story, and at times to focus on day to day things. We could have done without the story of breaking down near Eğirdir, but it is part of the story, part of life.

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