Our new kitchen – Part 1

Just before we went away our new kitchen units were finished.  These are wall mounted cupboards that very precisely match the floor standing ones.  This was trickier than it sounds as, not only did the carpenter match the stain colour, he also matched the type of grain, which is a fairly unusual type of grain.  The insides are MDF, to save cost (and, we think, weight).  The standard of workmanship is fantastic, hand made, with great attention to detail.

Three men came round in the morning to fit them.  They greatly appreciated the çay Ashley made for us all.  Ashley does make very delicious çay.  They were efficient.  They worked hard and the cupboards were fitted in less than three hours.  The pipe that takes the air from the cooker hood to the outside was unstuck from the wall and laid onto the top of the units (there’s a little lip that hides most of the pipe).

Ashley spent much of the afternoon painting the newly exposed surfaces.  We think it’s looking pretty good.  Yes, the picture does show the kitchen in a rather untidy state (and before the painting was done).  There is also a matter of sorting out the wiring but this cannot be done until the hood is in the right place, it needs to be lowered to accommodate the flue.  Ashley had been decorating and Hilary had been cooking (you can see the borek in the oven!)

Two problems got left for when we returned…  The plate they put on to seal the hole in the wall for the extractor pipe does an excellent cosmetic job but doesn’t fully seal the hole in the wall.  Our fault, we removed the old extractor fan, used the hole for the pipe and filling the gap was never going to be a job for a carpenter.  It can’t easily be filled from inside (the new cupboards are in the way).  We’ll have to take advice on this – fortunately our neighbour is a builder.  Secondly we will need to get the cooker hood remounted about six inches lower so that the chimney bit can be put back on.  This should be easy to organise, shouldn’t be very expensive and should probably be done before we tackle the hole.  The workmen were not willing to move it, explained it would invalidate the warranty, that we needed to call out the Beko service people.

It is progress.  Now we have a lot more storage space.  We are back now and can get the kitchen finished.


4 responses to “Our new kitchen – Part 1

  1. The new kitchen looks great! It’s brilliant that he matched the doors so beautifully.

    • The carpenter did a brilliant job and our neighbour has offered to come and sort the hole in the wall out on Sunday. Which is why Hilary is desperately knitting socks for his grand daughter.

  2. It looks they have done a really good job,looks as if you have a separate kitchen which is nice ours is in the living room but it’s not as if we live there so we are used to it now hope you both ok .

    • We find the workmansip and service here in Turkey is infinitely superior to anything we experienced in the UK. Except from family.
      The front house kitchen joins onto the living room – it’s kind of L-shaped but you can see straight into the kitchen from the sitting place. This is why having an efficient cooker hood is really important! It is very cosy in winter which is also important.

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