Still on the subjects of customer service and the bike I recently noticed that some spokes on the rear wheel of the bike had come loose again.  I tightened them and we then took the bike up to Izmir to have the Harley dealer / mechanics take a look at it.  We had tea whilst we waited.

The verdict.  The wheel, as I expected, is badly worn and needs to be replaced.  The spokes should be OK for a while providing I am careful, the main advice being avoid pot holes and bad road surfaces and do not go too fast.  They said they could get a new wheel, that it would take a while because it would need to be ordered from overseas, and told me what the price would be, in Euros.  This was followed by the suggestion that if I happened to be going to London I could get a wheel there for half the money and they would then fit it for me.

The customer service is a little different to that at a Harley Davidson dealership in the UK.  In the UK we’d be offered tea or coffee, be met with impeccable politeness and courtesy, and attention to detail.  Then there would be the bill, which for parts was never cheap, and if there was labour it got really expensive really quickly.  Here, we are offered tea or coffee, welcomed with warmth and politeness.  There was no bill for checking over the bike.  Really positive was to be told how to save around 500 Euro by not buying a wheel from them, being informed of the best way to do this, and being told, just bring the wheel and it will be fitted for you.

Right now I am trying to locate a wheel at a reasonable price, ideally an alloy wheel since these are much more durable than spoked wheels.  I have some options to follow up, some in the UK and some in Greece.  I don’t want to use the bike a great deal until the wheel is replaced.  Longer trips are right out of the question.

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  1. Buy one online and have it shipped to Greece for a ferry pick up.

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