Spectacular Service

I was wandering around Soke market with Hilary and a friend when a lens fell out of my glasses. Fortunately I managed to find the lens before it got walked on.  By feel I gathered that a screw had fallen out of the frame.  This is pretty serious because without glasses I cannot see very well, I can see fine at a distance but not close, in a crowded market everything was close.  To make matters worse we were about to go to a restaurant and we had no idea where a local optician might be found.

The restaurant we were going to was a fixed menu place so I knew what the food would be – not that I would be able to see it clearly.  Eating might be a little messy but I guessed I could probably cope.  Our friend explained to the waiter what had happened and immediately my glasses were rushed off to be repaired.  I was a bit anxious about this, I am quite dependent on my expensive high tech eyewear – shatterproof, polycarbonate, varifocal, antiglare, transition lenses mounted in flexon frame, all necessary in my view because I use them when riding the bike.

Less than 10 minutes later  and before the main course had arrived they were returned to me, not only was the lens fitted and the screws all tightened, the slight distortion in the frames had been corrected as well.  I was seriously impressed.  Not the usual sort of service from a waiter in a restaurant – would never happen in the UK.  Experiences like this are part of what is so amazing about living in Turkey.


8 responses to “Spectacular Service

  1. Oh I so agree. It;s one of the joys of living here that people will go more than the extra mile to help you. Restores your faith in human nature doesn’t it?

  2. Impressed also as I would be in a similar predicament if the same happened to me….

  3. Burası Türkiye!

  4. This is the land of “no problem”.

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