Akpınar and Prostanna

We took a walk up the mountain from Eğirdir to Akpınar.  We chose a hot day to do this so the climb was rather sweaty, but well worth it, we were rewarded with some spectacular views.  We saw quite a bit of wildlife but, sadly, failed to get decent photographs.  Our favourites were the falcons, almost certainly peregrines.  What was really noticeable was the autumn colour.  We do not get much of that here in Selçuk.  We’ve been looking quite closely and the trees look like the leaves are drying out.  Admittedly this is probably due to autumn, but the colouration in Isparta was far more mellow.

A lot of the walk is through forestry land.  There is a notice board at the picnic spot by the start of the trail telling you what flora and fauna are to be seen.  It was here that we discovered there are badgers in Turkey.  We were not previously aware  of their presence.  We didn’t see one – we didn’t expect to.  They are, after all, more active at night.  But it is good to know that they live here.  We did however see goats.

Akpınar is a lovely little village, full of people going about their daily, mainly agricultural lives.  There were some villagers selling bits to tourists, mostly home produce.  We came upon an elderly gentleman with a donkey carrying baskets of apples.  He gave us four.  They were delicious (and very refreshing), just what was needed after the long walk up the hill.

We searched above Akpınar for the ancient city of Prostanna and we think we saw it in the distance.  Looking on the Internet there is really not a great deal there and what is there looks a lot like what we saw.  There were some wonderful views which more than made up for the effort of the climb which at times was quite steep.  Next time we will ride up to Akpınar which will give us more time to explore the area.

Back in Akpınar we had gözleme at a café perched on the mountain looking directly down to Eğirdir.  This is served in little summerhouses – a lot of fun and great views.  It seemed to be a very popular place with locals from Eğirdir who drive up for lunch and afternoon relaxation.  It probably gets very busy in July and August when by all accounts the area is very popular with Turkish tourists.

The walk back down was equally spectacular.  By the time we got back down we were hot and thirsty and thinking it was about time for a cold Efes.  Eğirdir is a lovely town, we plan to go back.

6 responses to “Akpınar and Prostanna

  1. . . the view over the lake from there is pretty wonderful – never felt inclined to walk it though! We have badgers in and around our garden, along with weasels, pine martens, pigs (not in the garden – yet!), foxes, jackals, etc. Great fun and interesting to capture on my i/r camera.
    Nice posting.

  2. It looks really beautiful ,lucky you ,thanks for the postings look forward to seeing them many thanks

  3. I’ve seen the badger sets behind our house but still haven’t seen a badger. Well done for making this walk. I have to admit to only seeing the lake from a car.

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