September – Photo of the Month

We were away for the last week in September.  We went to Eğirdir, took a trip to Sagalassos, did some walking, and spent much of a day sat in the local sanayi.  Needless to say we took loads of photographs, in particular of Sagalassos and around Eğirdir, many of which will appear soon.  In the meantime, these, all of which are from Eğirdir stood out as particularly good.  The lake is stunningly beautiful in the evening.  Which one do you like best?


7 responses to “September – Photo of the Month

  1. The place looks really nice,hope the weather will still be good in 3weeks it’s been awful here and think it’s going to be a long winter.hope you both well.

    • We think these are three lovely photos. Glad you liked them. Hopefully the weather will still be good in three weeks – it will almost certainly be better than the weather in the UK.

  2. The sunset picture is absolutely lovely!

  3. great photos of one of our favorite ‘bolt-hole’ areas – who knows, might see you there some time.

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