Dead Things

We went out walking a few days ago, up in the hills above Selçuk.  We were very struck by the shapes of one dead tree and the colours on another which was not looking very healthy.

When we got home from the walk there were many other dead things.  Our neighbours were all out on the street, along with a truck and hoist from the electric company.  We rapidly gathered that something serious was amiss with the electricity.  We were told two of our neighbours’ televisions blew up.  We checked our place, many of the fuses had tripped, others had not.  Then the electricity company cut the power to the area in order to sort out what the problem was and make things safe.

A couple of hours later the power came back.  Dead things.  2 air conditioning units.  DVD player, satellite decoder and 6 energy saving bulbs.  We managed to get the air conditioning units repaired, needed new circuit boards, the rest of the stuff needed to be replaced.  We have also invested in a  load more surge protection units, and feel very glad that the more expensive stuff was protected.

This was an expensive incident, and a load of messing around as well.  It came on top of the new garage, the driving licence, and some other bits and pieces.  So it has been a busy, expensive, and at times stressful month.

We need a break so are planning to get away for a bit.


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