Yeni Dişlerim

It has been a traumatic few weeks, but finally the dentistry is all finished. Originally I had planned to have it all done in the UK before we moved to Turkey but it never happened. I had some work done in the UK, the longer term vision was to do crowns and bridges, and maybe the odd implant.

We had explored the matter a little last year when a crown fell off, saw a dentist in Kuşadası who wanted to replace everything with implants. We think he was pretty much working in medical tourism, medicine including dentistry is relatively inexpensive here. His quote was in our view extremely expensive, the work not entirely necessary, and to a point cosmetic. In the end we opted at that time to just have the one tooth fixed at a local dentist in Selçuk recommended by a friend. We wanted more time to think about options and at that time I was still entitled to NHS care.

The dentist I saw in Selçuk did a really good and pain free job so when almost a year later the crown became loose again I went back to him. It turned out that the tooth beneath the loose crown was broken so the crown could not be replaced and the broken tooth needed to be removed – not a pleasant experience. We discussed options for further treatment, we explained that back in the UK there was a plan to do a load of crowns and bridges, and talked about having it done here. We explained that we did not want a denture plate and equally did not want implants. Initially he was sceptical about the crown and bridge plan, but he agreed to look into it. He took us to another dentist in Kuşadası, who took x-rays, and was able to confirm that it was possible to go ahead with what we wanted.
After the quote last year in Kuşadası which started in excess of 500 Euro per implant and went up, and he wanted to replace 30 or so teeth, (do the math), we were a bit worried about the cost. We knew that bridges and crowns would be less than implants, but we were pleasantly surprised when we were quoted 4,000 lira for the whole job. Not inexpensive but roughly speaking a tenth of the starting price of the earlier quote.

We will spare the full grisly details. A couple of teeth needed to be removed, he corrected some work badly done in the UK including root canal stuff, and then started on the crowns and bridges. This involved multiple appointments, lots of grinding down of teeth, and follow up fitting sessions. The top first and then when done, the bottom. Today, after more than a month of dentistry, the work was finished. The dentist has done a wonderful job, no complaints at all about the work or the care he took to avoid pain, he was fantastic.

So now I have new teeth and Hilary says a new smile.

4 responses to “Yeni Dişlerim

  1. I had work done while in turkey,so much cheaper than here and the rooms them selves are so advanced I will have my work done on holidays now.hope you both ok

    • Certainly a lot cheaper than private in the UK, however the work I had done would have been half that price on the NHS because the NHS has maximum charges for specific work. Then again I’m no longer entitled to NHS dental care, and even if I was (apart from travel and living expense) it would mean trying to find a dentist who still does NHS work. Fully agree the standards here are every bit as good as those in the UK.

  2. . . after a few false starts we found a superb dentist in our local town – work to the highest standars – no ‘tourist prices’ and gentle to boot! Makes me smile to think about it 😀

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