From Camlık to Selçuk

We caught a dolmuş to Camlık, got let off by the entrance to the walking route and then walked back to Selçuk.  There is a forest road between Camlık and Şirince which links up with the one between Selçuk and Şirince.  The first hour is upwards and not all that scenic.  There are some great views down but part of the walk is up around a quarry.  We were fortunate to get great views of some small falcons hunting dragonflies.  We are still working on confirmation of species, but on balance of probability and commonality of species, probably Hobbys.

The second hour is a more gentle climb, along the ridge with brilliant views and some steep up bits.  The third hour is along the ridge, through pine forest.  After that you drop down to the Selçuk / Şirince road.  They are continuing to work on this – the gravel we encountered last time has been rollered and it is more pleasant to walk on than it was a couple of weeks ago.  Obviously it is much better for vehicles but it is less good for recreational walking and the wildlife does seem to have suffered from the disturbance.  We continued down the made up road into town, getting back into central Selçuk in a little less than 5 hours from when we started walking, where we had çay in a local garden.

The wildlife on the first part of the walk was amazing.  We saw lots and lots of tiny ophisops lizards, no longer than Hilary’s little finger.  We saw martins and swallows and we saw raptors, not just the aforementioned (probably) Hobbys.  Later on the walk we saw long legged buzzards – one took off from a tree no more than 10 metres from us giving us an excellent view.  Several of them were hunting the ridge and we saw (and heard) more, out towards Meryem Anna.  It was noticeable that there were no swallows or martins around when the falcons were hunting.  We saw lots of jays and at least one hoopoe.  We also got to see a goldcrest in flight, so tiny Ashley initially thought it was a large insect.   There are some wildflowers again now, though it still hasn’t rained since June.  And we saw many different kinds of butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and at least two kinds of grasshopper.


4 responses to “From Camlık to Selçuk

  1. . . wonderful to be out there again!

  2. I’m looking forward to the Walking Season, especially as we now have a dog to walk with.

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