We have been tidying up files on the computer and found this infestation of various bugs we have encountered.  As a result we created this gallery.  Some of these are quite scary and some pack a nasty sting, but all are interesting.  Most of which we have identified, a lacewing, cicada, mantis, shield  beetle and so forth.  Despite the infestation the computer still works fine.


8 responses to “Bugs!

  1. OMG! And there was I trying to put bugs out of my mind!

  2. . . be happy you computer wasn’t buggered!

  3. You really need to de-bug your hardware… though you have started on a bug list. (Even in Turkey you can’t escape nerd humour)

    • They have been carefully quarantined in a folder call bugs and we have taken various steps to secure this folder from undue internal and external influence. Being kindly souls we have provided these bugs with a unidirectional escape path, hence they will at their own pace move from our hardware to the internets where they will be free to do whatever they want.

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