Home for the Harley – yeni garaj var

Today the work to turn the basement studio flat into a garage was completed.  We never had a use for the studio, now we have somewhere safe and dry to keep the bike and various bike related bits and pieces.  We got a local and well respected builder to do the work, get the materials, and organise the bits he would need others to do.  This was possibly not the most economical route but he has done excellent work for us in the past, which is why we no longer have a damp problem in the back house.

The work took two full days over a weekend, he had to do it at the weekend because during the week he is working on the castle restoration, and then a couple of hours here and there over the following two days to finish off.  First they had to take out the original door and window, remove part of the wall where the window was to make space for a larger door, and remove some wall and build some wall below to fit the window where the door was.  It was essential to move the door to allow access for a bike so this was the best way to do it.  The major issue turned out to be the wall which is close to half a metre thick turned out to be made of stone not brick so cutting out the wall was no easy task.

Meanwhile the new metal door was being made along with two marble sills.  We have not as yet worked out what to do with the old plastic door.  It will get recycled in some manner, maybe we’ll give it to a neighbour.

Once all the wall had been cut and built there was lots of concrete and cement work in preparation for fitting the new door and the window.  Fortunately one of our neighbours had a load of sand which they were happy to allow the builders to use – we assume some sort of deal had been made.  This along with the beginning of a ramp, needed because inside is lower than the street is pretty much as far as they got over the weekend.

Monday evening, in went the window sill and window, the rest of the ramp with a piece of marble to ensure any rain water flows onto the street – not into the garage, and the door.

Tuesday morning some final adjustments to the door were completed and the ironwork around the window was refitted.  This work involved some cutting of metal, a hammer, a fair amount of welding, and then touching up the paintwork.  We also got a business card from the metal man, he does painting, windows and other things as well, and seems well connected with other craftsmen and builders.  This card is going to come in very useful, having contacts is very much the way things are done here.

This evening, the work was finished.  Walls painted and a few bits of touching up.   We got another offer for doing paintwork if and when we need anything done, and some advice about potential future projects.  We sense a trip to Koçtaş for some shelving and tool storage, and there are a few internal bits we want to do.  But most importantly we now have a secure garage for the bike.


4 responses to “Home for the Harley – yeni garaj var

  1. I always thought that the studio wasn’t quite big enough for use as a living space but it’s certainly perfect for a motorbike garage. Job well done. It’s great when you find good workmen isn’t it?

    • We had quite a few people working on the garage and they were charming as well as professional and efficient. We used to use that studio for storage and it was becoming a mess. We will still be storing some things down there as well as the bike. Our neighbour has taken the old door so it didn’t take us long to find it a home.

  2. You’re not kidding about contacts – that is certainly the name of the game around here. Have I missed something? Who rides the Harley??? BTW thanks so much for the welcome home – you should try a mavi yolculuk, it is really an amazing experience!

    • Ashley rides the Harley, Hilary sits on the back. We bought it in Istanbul in March (we were there when it was snowing) and have had a great summer riding around both locally and further afield. We did need somewhere to keep it undercover in the wet season. And, even in summer, we’re hoping the garage will keep some of the dust off.

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