Walking Season is Open

Well, fish is once more available on the market (fishing is banned here till September), the evenings are cooler, and we have declared Walking Season to be open.

We took the dolmuş to Şirince and walked down, with a brief upwards diversion along the path towards Camlık which took us through some lovely pine forest.  We set off from Şirince at 12:30 and were home shortly before 3.30.  Everything was hot and dry.  We saw several small lizards (probably snake-eye lizards, Ophisops elegans) much, much smaller than the ones we saw earlier in the year, probably young.  We saw buzzards, a stork, a kestrel and a falcon (almost certainly a saker).  At first we did not see the falcon, then we were alerted by a jay making a really loud alarm call.  It was fairly low and almost overhead so we got a really good view of it before it swooped away at the sort of pace only falcons can manage.  We saw tits and finches in a pine tree, lots of jays and heard a woodpecker.  We saw other birds we could not positively identify.  Hilary thinks one was a red backed shrike but Ashley thinks it was a wheatear.

Hardcore has been put down on the forest road between Selçuk and Şirince – well on the bits that used to be mud.  This is probably excellent for tractors and farm trucks but not so much fun to walk along, although the views are impressive.  We’re glad that we did the walk multiple times last year as we will be looking for new walks now.


6 responses to “Walking Season is Open

  1. yours may be open, my closed season has a bit longer to run!

    • It wasn’t a really long walk and we did walk down. Hilary spent this afternoon showing a visiting friend around Ephesus. By late afternoon it was cool enough to be tolerable.

  2. Must be cooler “up north” . Still too hot here for long walks.

  3. Oh, now we’re jealous. Still too hot for any sort of trekking here. we just about manage a stroll to the market in town and that’s it. We’re hopeful though. It’s cooling down, slowly… 🙂

    • It’s still pretty warm here but starting to drop below 30 during the day. We’re thinking of walking down from Camlik next week, if we can get a break in the building work we’re having done… But with the emphasis on walking down.

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