Stuffed Marrow and a Family Gathering

A few days ago we were chatting with Oya, a Turkish friend of ours, about food.  We got onto the huge courgettes / marrows that are around right now.   She makes mucver with them, we suggested stuffing them.  She seemed dubious, and then gave us one.   This was not like an English marrow.  It was shaped like a bottle gourd, about 10 inches in diameter with a thinner ‘neck’.

The idea was we stuff it and take it back to her at her restaurant.  There was considerable debate over how to approach the project.  We considered taking off a ‘lid’, stuffing it and cooking it whole.  We considered halving it (through various axes) and debated whether to cook it open side down or open side up.  We ended up cutting off the ‘neck’ then halving it through the equator.   On investigation it was more like a huge courgette than a marrow, and very pithy in the middle.  We removed all the pith stuffed it with rice, nuts, chick peas, peppers, onion, sultanas,  pul biber and cinnamon a few other bits and some herbs and spices, poured some diluted salca over, and shoved it in the oven.   It took longer than expected to cook.

Due to being double booked with a dentist we took it back a day early.  It was an interesting experience, riding the Harley with a hot (glass) baking tray on Hilary’s knee.  Fortunately Oya was there – we thought she probably would be as we had discussed the double booking with her daughter the day before.   The family were phoned and, whilst Hilary was preparing the salad (failing to cut the lettuce small enough, due to unfamiliarity with the knife), numerous relatives  arrived.  Gözleme, menemen  and baked aubergine appeared, (all delicious, Oya and Mama are extremely good cooks) along with huge amounts of bread.   A large bottle of Fanta was provided and we all ate.  There were eight of us all together.  We got through half the marrow.  We were glad some was left as we had promised some to one of the local polis who is expecting to get fed tomorrow.

We stayed on for a while, chatting and drinking tea.  Came home with the empty tray, a load of ripe plums and some gözleme.

4 responses to “Stuffed Marrow and a Family Gathering

  1. Sounds a delicious meal……

  2. Interesting post. I’d like to try that 🙂

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