Betwixt and Between

We’re feeling a bit betwixt and between at the moment which is making it hard to come up with ideas for blog posts.  We have several things which are currently half way through.  We are still, for instance, waiting to complete the process of getting Ashley’s Turkish driving licence.  We should probably go to the Polis and chase that up, but other things keep getting in the way.  Ashley may write up his dental work, when that is finished, and we will definitely write up a blow by blow account of how we applied for our Universal Health Insurance once we have established that we are correctly on the system as a married couple.

We also have a couple of home improvement plans which we need to move forward with.  Turning the basement into a garage / workshop is priority, we don’t want to be leaving the bike out in winter.  Then there is a very much needed extractor hood for the kitchen, and maybe an extractor fan for the bathroom, both of which should help a great deal with condensation on the walls in winter.

Social life is taking off again now that the weather is a little cooler.  We met some friends for drinks at a café yesterday evening.  We’ve managed to double-book ourselves for Saturday and, early next week, we expect a visit from a friend from Ireland.

We got an electricity bill today, a month ago we bought the portable air conditioning unit.  We have used this sparingly but as needed, mostly to help us sleep.  The bill shows in an increase in night time electricity use, but not one we need to worry about.  September is coming, the temperatures will start to drop and already the night time is noticeably cooler.  No matter how hot it gets and how much electricity we use trying to stay cool it is never going to be as expensive as the winter months as our graph for the year shows.

4 responses to “Betwixt and Between

  1. what you need is a holiday 🙂

  2. Our highest electricity bill was 450TL in Feb – which scared us and the lowest was 40TL in June . Def. cheaper to cool down than heat up.

    • Our January consumption was just over 200 TL and that scared us! We made a few begınner mıstakes and, once or twice, accidentally left the radiator on when we went out. We got through three loads of wood as well (for the soba). Our bill comes broken down to day, peak and night (which is useful as it helps us see where it is going) but we’re on a single rate in lira and hoping to stay on it as we believe it works out cheaper given our lifestyle.
      Our bill was only 18 TL more than last month so maybe we can afford to use the AC a little less frugally. Though it does make a fearsome noise.

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