Walking to Simena

We walked part of the Lycian Way.  Not a very big part – we really wouldn’t want to walk a big part of the trail in August heat.  We walked from Üçağiz to Simena which took us about three quarters of an hour.

The views, right from the start, were spectacular.  You wind up a hill following a tractor track, over a ridge then drop down to a little settlement where there are boats pulled up onto the land for repairs.  There was also one boat sunk in the bay.  At the end of this bay is the carpark as you can’t go any further in a vehicle.  You walk up steep steps towards the castle.  For this part of the walk you are surrounded by tombs.  Some of them have carvings on them.  We didn’t see many inscriptions but we did see some lions.

At the top is the castle.  Before we explored the castle we went to a nearby café for some very delicious homemade lemonade.  This was made with honey, water, lemons, herbs and spices.  The man in the café was very chatty.  He decided we both should have Turkish names and gave them to us.  He asked questions about living in England, not all of which we were able to answer

We explored the castle.  It was very, very windy (as we’ve said before, a lot of boat trips were cancelled this day) and the views were amazing.  There was not much information to be found about the castle itself, though it has wonderful views and a very small theatre.  Hilary doubts if it was actually a theatre – it’s far too small – more likely some kind of meeting place.  Information about the castle is pretty hard to verify.  The guidebook says it’s a crusader castle but it’s certainly late.  I’ve seen it attributed to the Knights of Rhodes.  It looked pretty Byzantine to us.  Except for the little theatre.   We’ve never seen one like that before in a Crusader or Byzantine structure…

We wandered down to the harbour and bumbled about  a bit.  Then we walked back, mostly downhill, with spectacular views again.

Not a long walk but a good one.  We’d like to do more of the Lycian way sometime – but not in August!


2 responses to “Walking to Simena

  1. J and I had a wonderful couple of hours at the village school part way up. The teacher lives in a little cottage in the playground and the views must make it hard to concentrate on lessons.

    • We didn’t see a school… Maybe because it’s still school holidays. It’s easy to be distracted from lessons by views. Hilary remembers watching the seagulls in a city park.

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