Relaxing in Üçağiz

Getting to Üçağiz remains difficult without your own transport.  There is one bus a day from (and to) Antalya, and we guess it may be possible to take a tour boat from Kaş as a one way option.  Other than this you need a vehicle or face a long walk from the highway.

Üçağiz is quiet, there were other tourists there, French, Dutch, German, Italian, British.  There are a handful of pensions all of which seem to be reasonably priced.  There are a few restaurants along the seafront, all with fairly similar menus and prices.  Tour buses arrive during the day, mostly to take tourists to waiting boats for a trip to Kekova, Simena, and various swimming places.  The buses leave in the evening along with those who came for the day.  Few tourists stay, few are visible in the village during the day.  We lingered for three nights, long enough to enjoy Üçağiz and to make the most of what the area has to offer.

Our pension was very pleasant, had a shady courtyard, a fridge for keeping drinks cool, air conditioning in the comfortable room and a perfectly adequate breakfast.  We were able to bring the bike into the courtyard of the pension, a plus from our point of view, good for security.  We had help organising a boat trip (more in this in a later entry).  Like all the pensions they could take us out to a small place for swimming.  We availed of this our first evening, the boat was free, and the water warm, calm and clear.  If we did this again we’d take masks and snorkels.  We would have gone on our last evening but the weather had turned very windy and the sea was choppy to say the least.  We were told that the boats to the swimming place were not braving the conditions, we heard that some of the tours were cut short.

We ate gözleme, it was really good, one of the best gözleme we have had, and right next door to our pension, just above the few steps to the waterfront.  We were shown around another pension by the owner, he just wanted to show us it.  He was justifiably proud, and equally so of a mulberry tree which was still in fruit in August.  The red fruits were delicious, we agreed with him red mulberries are much nicer than the white ones.  We visited the small castle, good for views, we sat around watching the world go by.

The Lycian way passes through the village, we walked a few kilometres of it, August is not the best time for walking.  Had it been cooler we would have walked more, but walking in little shade when it is close to 40C is not our idea of fun.  We considered walking to Aperlae, instead we did the far shorter walk to Simena (or Kale, or Kaleköy) which like the boat trip we’ll cover later.

In the village itself there is nothing to do.  Absolutely nothing except sit somewhere pretty and admire the view.  We would recommend taking a book and snorkeling gear.


4 responses to “Relaxing in Üçağiz

  1. Is this the village opposite the sunken tombs at Kekova? It’s been so long since I visited and then it was by yacht, I’ve forgotten the names of the villages.

  2. this is a favoured winter haunt for J and me. There’s always somewhere that will air out a room and several of the restaurants remain open for the odd boat trip. Great place to really relax.

    • Ah, good to know there are places open in winter. As you say a great place to relax. As is Çıralı a little further along the coast towards Antalya, but we doubt will be open in winter.

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