Going Along – Selçuk to Üçağiz

One of the tasks Hilary now has when we are on the bike is to take photographs as we are going along.  We had no idea how well (or not) this would work, how much shake there would be from the bike and road, whether the pictures would be horribly blurred.  We were very impressed with the outcome.  Hilary even managed to catch herself in the mirror.

These are some from our recent trip to Üçağiz.  Given how successful this idea was we will be doing this for other trips.  We should get a wrist strap for the camera before Hilary ends up dropping it.

The entire journey between Selçuk and Üçağiz takes about 7 hours, we broke it on the way out, staying overnight in Köyceğiz.  We did the whole journey in one go on the way back, tiring, possibly about as far as we would want to go in one day, especially in the heat of August.


6 responses to “Going Along – Selçuk to Üçağiz

  1. Thanks your post reached me this time,seems like you had another amazing adventures hope you are both ok thanks Annette

  2. Good one on the mirror catch!

  3. Hi, my girlfriend and I are planning to g to Üçağız by car. But we are concerned about the 19km snaky road. Is it that bad? Would you recommend other way to get there? Thanks a lot for your blog by the way. It is helping us a lot!

    • The 19k of road from the highway above Kas to Üçağız is fine. There are a couple of tight bends and the odd patch of uneven surface, but nothing to be concerned about in a car.

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