Free Foot Spa

We have taken to going to the beach late afternoon we think that avoiding the heat and sun of midday and early afternoon is a good idea.  It is a chance to cool down, the sea is pleasantly warm though initially feels cold – surface temperature is in the region of 25C.

Recently we have been going to Ahmetbeyli beach.  As you can see from the photo the sea is wonderfully clear.  It is possible to stand neck deep and watch fish swimming around our legs and feet.  The only problem with this is if you stand still for long enough they start to nibble at your legs and feet (they don’t seem to do this when you are moving about).  They are small fish, maybe a five to 10 or so centimetres long, the bites nothing really to worry about.  They can leave a small graze and reddish marks.  The first couple of times it happened came as bit of a shock, we did not realise it was fish biting, but we have got used to them now.

Today we bought some play masks and snorkels, nothing special, but better for viewing underwater.  We got to see a variety of fish, some that seemed to dig into the sandy bottom, some flatfish, and a couple of species which seemed to be grazing seaweed.  We don’t know the names of any of them, but it would seem the ones which graze the seaweed graze also legs and feet when standing on the bottom.

Who needs to pay for a Garra Rufa!


9 responses to “Free Foot Spa

  1. You’re going to turn into fish watchers. 🙂 Not sure I like the idea of them nibbling at me so I’d be keeping on the move. The sea looks lovely, there.

  2. I wonder if these are the same fish they have in tanks at Pamukkale where you pay 25 EU for them to nibble on your feet! I just couldn’t do it. 🙂

    • Those will almost certainly be Garra Rufa. We don’t really approve of keeping fish for this purpose. Garra Rufa only behave this way if underfed. For human hygiene purposes the water is continually being changed which is incredibly bad for fish health.

  3. Haha, I did that fish foot spa a few times and every single time the first few minutes were like killer tickles 🙂

    • Can’t say we’ve ever been tempted by the fish foot spa, though they do seem amazingly popular. We used to keep tropical fish back in the UK and some of those used to nibble when we were cleaning out their tanks.

      • Well, I must admit it was fun, but they are overrated. They will not substitute a beauty salon for a good pedicure and expert’s hands for a relaxing foot massage 🙂

  4. I think I’ll stivk to my 15 TL pedicure. Unless the fish are any good at applying nail varnish

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