Staying Cool

It was the middle of July when we finally gave up and decided that we needed some sort of air conditioning unit for the back house, mostly to help us sleep.  One problem is that there really is not anywhere good to fit a wall mounted unit, because we are on the side of a hill, the external parts would be almost at ground level, and for an additional problem, in a neighbour’s garden.  So all things considered we opted for a portable unit, with the advantage of being able to move it into daily living areas as and when needed.

We shopped around a bit, then bought one locally.  Portable air-con units seemed difficult to find.  They are also more expensive than the fixed wall mounted ones, although it is possible to get cheaper ones – Koçtaş have some.  We opted for a Vestel unit, an established brand here.

So we walked into the shop, made the order, were offered a choice of units and chose the more powerful, paid for it, and were told it would be delivered within the next 7 to 10 days.  10 days later it hadn’t arrived, so we went back.  We were told it would be with us in two days.  We got on with our lives, trying to stay cool which meant trips to the beach.  Needless to say 2 days passed and nothing happened.  Hilary went back to the shop, complained a bit in Turkish,  got to speak to someone more senior.  A unit was located in a nearby town, and she was promised it would arrive the following afternoon.

The problem appeared to be that the salespeople were unable to locate a unit, it not being something commonly bought, so all the tea, sweets and politeness in the world were not going to make it arrive.  We were now feeling a little more optimistic.

The following day in the early afternoon it arrived, in time for us to set it up and take a late afternoon trip to the beach.  The next day, despite us having set it up, we had a phone call from Vestel, they wanted to send someone around for montaj.  We explained it was a mobile unit so did not really need fitting, but they still wanted to come.  The engineer and his mate came, showed us how to use it (we had worked in out anyway) and gave us a few operational tips.  The engineer did need to come and do ‘montaj’ because he needs to see the unit up and working before stamping the guarantee.  We were told the nearest service team is in Torbali, but comes to Selçuk at least once a week, and given contact details.  We asked about a spare outlet hose, since this would make it easier to use in the living room.  They said they would ask the factory.  As a final note, the only person we dealt with who spoke English  was the very pleasant lady who kept giving us dates that could not be met; so the bulk of this was done in Turkish.

Sleeping is easier now.


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