July – Photo of the Month

July has passed by in a blaze of heat and with some excellent photographs.  We were thinking that by way of a change we would not offer a sunset but we went to Santorini.  Santorini does do sunsets rather well, possibly not as good as Flores, Guatemala, but impressive nonetheless.  Then we went to Samaria gorge, another place where it is easy to get some fantastic photos.  Lastly, on the same trip, the ferry called into the tiny island of Chalki.  All of these came from our recent trip to Greece.  What do you think?


10 responses to “July – Photo of the Month

  1. Lovely! I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini. Did you ride a donkey up the hills? 😉

    • Unfortunately the ferries arrive at the new port, the old port with the donkey track seems only to be used for tours and cruise ships. Ashley has ridden up on a donkey in the past.

  2. These are beautiful! Have you ever thought of selling a few on iStockphoto?

  3. Yeah!Good stuff!

  4. Chalki looks lovely, reminds me a bit of Simi which has been on my wish list for a while. Great photos 🙂

    • I (Ashley) think there is something very special about those islands rarely visited by tourists. A chance to experience Greece in a very different way.

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