Barbeque Season (and beef marinade recipe)

We are going to light the barbeque tonight.  We have some beef, entrecote steaks, not quite the same as they are back in the UK, the beef is younger, not exactly veal but not exactly matured beef either.  It is fairly inexpensive, a bit over £5 for a pound of steak, which is vastly cheaper than the Scottish, organic, named herd, Aberdeen Angus, filet steak we were partial to back in the UK.  It’s also somewhat chewier, but the flavour is good.

It is in a marinade right now, one we invented and seems to compliment and bring out the flavour the beef really well.

The marinade
Finely chopped chilli pepper
Olive Oil
Sour Pomegranate molasses
Soy sauce
Ground cumin

None of the quantities are vastly critical.  We make a small amount as we need it since we always have the ingredients.

Later, when the beef is off the barbeque we will put a large aubergine over the coals and leave it to cook for a few hours.  This becomes the basis of a creamy aubergine salad which we usually top with something spicy.

2 responses to “Barbeque Season (and beef marinade recipe)

  1. I’m not very keen on chewy meat , so I always buy the filet, but the flavour is not as good. I’ll give your marinade a try when I get back. Sounds as if it would be nice with lamb too.

    • It should be good with lamb, we’d probably add chopped rosemary to the marinade since we have some growing in a pot and it gores so well with lamb.
      Agree about the beef, very much a choice between taste and being chewy. Our butcher has offered to hit the entrecote, this would probably help tenderise it, but this does also change the nature of the meat.

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