Rhodes – Photos

Rhodes town was the place we spent our first night on our recent trip to Greece and, it seems, the last place we blog about…  Getting to Rhodes was easy enough, we got a bus to Marmaris (changing at Aydin) and then a ferry.

Rhodes town is a World Heritage site and boasts of having once been voted the best tourist destination in Europe.  As such, it is very, very crowded.  The old town is a beautifully restored medieval town (complete with Templar Castle) but nearly the entire interior of the town has been turned into restaurants, bars and shops selling souvenirs.   There is also some fairly aggressive hunting of tourists which means that, even after you have settled on a place to eat or drink, it’s not all that relaxing.  On top of that, a lot of the bars have decided that the best way to distinguish themselves from the other bars is to have parrots on perches outside, doing tricks.  We had one overpriced beer and one overpriced coffee in the old town.  It was worth the premium to see it and soak up some of the atmosphere (though the atmosphere is very touristic).

Our hotel was away from the old town, conveniently close to the port where we caught the ferry to Heraklion.  It was a lovely hotel (Hotel Silvia) with very helpful staff, though the smoking ban had not quite penetrated.  As ex-smokers the second hand smoke doesn’t really bother us but in public areas it was quite noticeable.  We would certainly stay there again were we to return to Rhodes.  The hotel staff gave us a recommendation for dinner, a restaurant between the hotel and the harbour so outside the historic old city.  It turned out to be a pleasant place with good food and very reasonably priced, popular with tourists and locals alike.

We spent the next morning wandering around town taking photographs and doing a little shopping then had lunch in a snack bar by the harbour before picking our bags up and heading for the ferry.


4 responses to “Rhodes – Photos

  1. Nice set of photos….was here in 2001 on a cruise round the Aegian…..

  2. Annette newton

    Hi I have sent a request to receive your posts the reply says that an e mail has been sent to me but nothing has come through.I have to log on to your sight so I can catch up with your news. Is the web sight ok.any way hope you are both ok,not back to turkey for a few weeks flights are so expensive at the min.

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