Why you need to go on holiday when you’re retired

Well, you don’t need to go on holiday.  No one needs to go on holiday they way they need food or clean water or self-respect.  But we have been going away quite a lot recently and, though we don’t have to justify it, sometimes we wonder why…

For a start, although we have retired abroad, we are not on holiday.  Our days are very full here in Selçuk.  The property needs quite a lot of maintenance – certainly more cleaning than needed to be done in the UK and, whilst we have a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner, we do not have the level of automation we had in the UK.  Our food comes from the market and needs more preparation than the food we used to get from Waitrose.  We don’t have pets (we used to keep tropical fish) and we don’t have much of a garden.  Sometimes we wonder how we ever used to get stuff done when we were working full time and often went away at weekends!

We were never the type to take it too easy on holiday anyway – our idea of fun was backpacking around Turkey or Central America, or riding the bike across Europe.  In our retirement we have taken to sitting on the beach – but that’s when the day’s tasks are done and it’s too hot to do anything else, and when it is not so hot, we’ll be walking in the local hills.

So going away means someone else does the housework, the cooking and the washing up.  It takes us away from our daily routine.  It also gives us a change of scenery.  Travel is something we always enjoy.  There are still many places we haven’t seen, and many places to which we would like to return.  Many of these are relatively local.  Turkey is a wonderful country with a rich natural, cultural and archaeological heritage which we would like to explore further.  There is a lot to see in Greece and its islands, the Balkan states have quite a lot of interest.  We would like, at some stage, to travel up the Silk Road.  Maybe we won’t make it quite as far as China on the bike, maybe we will take a train.


2 responses to “Why you need to go on holiday when you’re retired

  1. Sounds marvellous. Admire your adventurous spirit!

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