A Load of Old Bull

Between Chania and Santorini we had a day in Heraklion.  We did not go to Knossos, we had both been there before and did not feel inclined to visit again.  So we spent our day wandering the streets of Heraklion and not doing very much at all.  Heraklion is not really a tourist town.  There are some rather tatty tourist-type shops around the port and some restaurants on the waterside, but it’s a working port, not a tourist town like Rhodes Town.

What it does have is an excellent archaeological museum with some very special exhibits.  The museum is being re-modelled and we visited a temporary exhibition space.  They are only currently showing what are considered to be the most important pieces.   There are some wonderful ceramics with octopi on them.  There are many labrys (double headed axes).  There is an acrobat, almost certainly a bull dancer.  And there is a magnificent bull’s head.  Hilary got a bit transfixed by the acrobat and the bull’s head.  There is also some fine archaic Greek work.  And some amazing Mycenaean items.     As it was in temporary space it was not madly well laid out.  This is something we suspect will be addressed when the new building is ready.  Just the one room when we visited, though it’s quite a big room.

A real pity from our point of view that not everything was on display though, looking at it another way, it’s an excellent excuse to return to Crete when the new museum is up and running.  We look forward to that (and, hopefully, a couple of days relaxation in Chania whilst we’re at it!).  It may be some time, the museum has been closed since 2006…


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