Hot hot hot

We arrived in Selçuk last August, in the height of summer.  One of the things we have been telling ourselves is that having lived here through early summer we would be better prepared and acclimatısed to the heat come July and August.  Wrong.

The last week has been blisteringly hot, especially today.  38 degrees is not fun, not even on the bike.  At high speed it feels like riding through a wall of heat, there is no cooling effect at all.  The sea is nice, depending on how one looks at it, the sea pleasantly warm for swimming, or pleasantly cooler than the air.  Either way being in the sea is a good plan.

Today we went to Ahmetbeyli beach, a few miles along the coast from Pamucak where we were yesterday.  Ahmetbeyli beach is stony and backed by a few cafes, shops and restaurants in a small village.  The pleasantly situated beach was pretty crowded, it seemed we were not alone in thinking the beach was the place to be.

Earlier today, in response to the heat we went out and bought a portable air con unit for the back house.  It is going to take a few days or maybe a week to arrive.  This is fine.  Currently the weather forecast has things cooling off for the next week or so.  We are ready for when the heat returns as no doubt during August it will.


10 responses to “Hot hot hot

  1. This heat is unbearable isn’t it? It went up to 45 degrees here today. I sincerely hope the forecast is correct and that the temps will drop a bit very soon

  2. I’ve always found the second two weeks of July to be the hottest. August is usually a bit of a relief. I’ m shivering in 14 degrees in Sweden. Could do with a bit of Turkish heat.

    • We talk to family and friends back home in the UK and Ireland. It does seem northwest Europe (and we guess Scandinavia) is getting a pretty poor summer.
      It is a bit more cool today which is nice. By which we mean less than 35 this afternoon, and this evening is turning out to have a nice cool breeze. We shall sleep better tonight.

  3. . . waiting for September when the first rains begin and we can go lie out in the garden (it’s true – we do – every year).

  4. It has certainly NOT been hot in our part of the world. What a difference the other end of a continent makes, even a small continent like Europe, whether or not you include Asia Minor!

    • Europe or… Is political / historical as much as anything else. Cyprus is in Europe, as according to some is Georgia, Armenia, and even Azerbaijan. The Urals are a great deal further west.
      It does go without saying that the climate here is a lot warmer than that in northwest Europe. It may surprise some to hear that the average annual rainfall here is almost exactly the same as in Dublin, though almost all of the rain is from November to March.

  5. what a lovely way to live your life after retirement please save a space for me if i live enough to retire in peace take care a continue to enjoy you deserve it after many years of hard work. thanks louisa

    • Thanks. I think the important thing is to have a plan for retirement and to then make it work. I’m sure you’ll live long enough and know you can make it happen.

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