Santorini – the final pictures

Ashley’s last day at work was Thursday of this week last year.  Hilary’s last day was Friday of the following week.  We moved to Turkey a couple of weeks later, in early August.  It seems likely that over the next few weeks we’ll be reflecting on stopping work, being retired, the many changes in our lives.  It has been a very interesting year.

But for now, to complete one subject.  Santorini.  These are the last of the photos from our recent trip to Santorini.  Yes, we did the sunset, at a restaurant, over a few beers and dinner – we even managed to find somewhere that was not ridiculously expensive and served good traditional Greek food.  The fava was wonderful.

Santorini is very photogenic.


4 responses to “Santorini – the final pictures

  1. lovely photos of Santorini, brought back lots of memories for me, thanks for sharing!

  2. 16 years on I can tell you ‘All play and no work makes for a seriously good life!’

    • One year on, so lacking 15 years of experience…… We agree. A seriously good life, although we are still getting used to it and making adjustments. Things like learning how to cope with the heat of summer here rather than being rained on, as much as how to make use of our time. Looking back it is hard to imagine how we managed to work full time, maintain a home, hobbies, social stuff and everything else.

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