Ridıng a volcano

We have been away in Greece for a few days, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini.  Supposedly for cultural stuff and natural wonders, and of course for fun.  Fun on Santorini included hiring a quad bike for a day.  We got a pretty good deal on the hire, not negotiable but at 20 Euro we were not going to complain.  The process was simple enough, they looked at my licence, filled out some forms, took the cash and we were ready to be on our way.  The hire people insisted on a demonstration of the controls, a good thing we suppose since people can get hurt, and gave us helmets that fitted.  Then we were off.

Quad ATV’s are a load of fun.  It took a couple of miles to get used to the ride, but then we were bombing along at a good pace with the wind in our faces and some spectacular scenery.

Hired vehicles seemed to be very popular in Santorini, hired bikes, quads and cars seemed to make up more than half of the traffic.  It is a small island, the Quad ideal for the road conditions, and as said brilliant fun.

Pictures of sunsets and Akrotiri to follow.


4 responses to “Ridıng a volcano

  1. Love to go to Santorini!

  2. I love turkey…where in Turkey you live in?? and I am going to greece!!! so excited to see your post!!!!! I would love to do that quad too:))) GReat post!


    Sorry to have drop a link in here but wordpress.com don’t allow wordpress.org to log in:(( So weird:)) Will come by from time to time;))


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